JBL GT5-A3001


A mighty amplifier for your car audio system

With total peak power of 600 watts, the JBL®GT5-A3001 – a mono subwoofer amplifier with bass equalization – is a powerhouse. Its features include an electronic crossover to ensure a smooth transition from low tones to high, bass boost to give your low frequencies extra power, a cast-aluminum heatsink to keep the unit cool, a signal-to-noise ratio of 120dBa (reference rated power into 4 ohms) for clean and accurate sound, and full-range preamp outputs to allow for multiple amplifier hookups without requiring you to buy high-loss Y-adapters or signal splitters. The result of all this high technology is studio-quality bass in your car. Your favorite behind-the-wheel songs will sound new.

Артикул № GT5-A3001

Технические характеристики

Type Mono/Subwoofer

Аудио спецификации

4-Ohm Power Output 175W
2-Ohm Power Output 225W
1-Ohm Power Output 300W
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 95dBA (reference 1W into 4 ohms) 120dBA (reference rated power into 4 ohms)
Frequency Response 10Hz – 300Hz (–3dB)
Peak Power 600 watts
Maximum Input Signal 6V
Maximum Sensitivity 200mV

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